Sunday Afternoon

By Yakko Majuri

What is this website?

This is hopefuly will be where I host my "stream of consciousness" blog. My more structured and education-focused technical writing can still be found here.

Why is it called 'Sunday Afternoon'?

Sunday afternoons are often when I'm most contemplative, as well as when I generally have the most time to spare. They have traditionally been when I develop my best concepts for writing, so the blog name felt appropriate. The bulk of the time I spend on this blog will also probably happen on sunday afternoons.


Raw pieces comprising what I'm thinking about at a given point in time. Barely edited, often written quickly in one go.


As someone who does not have a social media presence, I'll be using this blog to display some of my favorite pictures. Currently work in progress - more albums coming soon.

Post ideas

Ideas for posts that I may or may not write. It feels like having them here would make me more likely to write them at some point.

Full list
  • Thinking in tables
  • I don't own anything
  • Flexitarianism actually makes sense
  • Where did my users go? Configuring ClickHouse merge trees
  • What I learned from doing hundreds of product demos
  • On becoming lazy
  • Synchronization is hard
  • Hitchhiking around all of Taiwan
  • What's in my backpack?
  • Growing up too fast
  • Lessons for small town engineers
  • Understanding your audience
  • Thinking in FAANG
  • What's your price?
  • Crossing lines
  • Don't do the thing you have a competitive advantage in
  • The most difficult question I have to answer
  • Is hypocrisy a real thing?
  • You don't understand
  • I'm no better
  • Don't put me on another podcast
  • Damn these values
  • Making my job obsolete
  • ORMs
  • Toilet UX
  • Heart attack prevention
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