Sunday Afternoon

By Yakko Majuri

What is this website?

This is hopefuly will be where I host my "stream of consciousness" blog. My more structured and education-focused technical writing can still be found here.

Why is it called 'Sunday Afternoon'?

Sunday afternoons are often when I'm most contemplative, as well as when I generally have the most time to spare. They have traditionally been when I develop my best concepts for writing, so the blog name felt appropriate. THe bulk of the writing for this blog will also probably happen on sunday afternoons.


Raw pieces comprising what I'm thinking about at a given point in time. Barely edited, often written quickly in one go.


As someone who does not have a social media presence, I'll be using this blog to display some of my favorite pictures. Currently work in progress - more albums coming soon.

Post ideas

Ideas for posts that I may or may not write. It feels like having them here would make me more likely to write them at some point.

  • Thinking in tables
  • I don't own anything
  • Flexitarianism actually makes sense
  • Where did my users go? Configuring ClickHouse merge trees
  • What I learned from doing hundreds of product demos
  • On becoming lazy
  • Synchronization is hard
  • Hitchhiking around all of Taiwan
  • What's in my backpack?
  • Growing up too fast
  • Lessons for small town engineers
  • Understanding your audience
  • Thinking in FAANG
  • What's your price?
  • Crossing lines
  • Don't do the thing you have a competitive advantage in
  • The most difficult question I have to answer
  • Is hypocrisy a real thing?
  • You don't understand
  • I'm no better
  • Don't put me on another podcast
  • Damn these values
  • Making my job obsolete
  • ORMs
  • Toilet UX
  • Heart attack prevention
  • How free soloists die
  • Why I no longer keep books
  • No more audiobooks
  • Age analytics
  • Debugging writeups
  • A skill I admire but don't want to develop
  • DD3: Disappearing persons
  • I have something to add
  • Why I'm choosing to write for free

Note to self (17/01/2022): you should have been striking through ideas you wrote rather than deleting them.

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